Pygmy Possum Project

My current passion is my Pygmy Possum Project. I was granted a Scientific Licence and Bionet Sensitive Species Data Licence with OEH/NPWS to conduct research into Eastern Pygmy Possums and other fauna and flora in the Ku-ring-gai area of northern Sydney as a volunteer independent citizen scientist. Having established over 5 years a baseline distribution to compare against, I have just completed a resurvey of pygmy possum distribution for the 2019 main Banksia-flowering field season just ended. Several changes in the distribution of pygmy possums have been noted, causes established in some cases while other changes are still being investigated. Results of my own study will be communicated via this website, papers published under my BobIJones Independant Scholars account, on the "Project Diary" pages of this website and on my Facebook public group "Eastern Pygmy Possum Program and Recovery Plan for Ku-ring-gai Area".

My research shows that Eastern Pygmy Possums and their Banksia habitats are being severely affected by Climate Change and exacerbating threats. Read the results of this research under the "Climate Change" link on the menu.

From late 2013 to early 2018, I set up and ran the very successful Ku-ring-gai Council WildThings NSW Pygmy Possum project, now ably run by Chelsea under the leadership of Jacob (KMC Natural Areas team leader) which revolves around my Ku-ring-gai WildThings NSW LGA nest box program (28 nest boxes) handed over to KMC in late February 2018. Chelsea has maintained and expanded the program using her own mobile Fulcrum apps since. I continue with my own wildlife camera program with NPWS and helping out in other areas as needed, while my former volunteer team (Glenda, Karen, Kathy, Martin, Nick, Peter, Simon, Wal and myself) have continued with the KMC program to their credit. Results of this continuing KMC program will be communicated via the annual reports prepared by Chelsea and Jacob.

Eastern Pygmy Possums, Threatened Species and their Habitats in Ku-ring-gai Area


1. Special thanks to Matt McClelland who runs the wonderful WildWalks web site for removing the walk that cuts through the endangered Darwinia biflora "Bonsai" Heath area from the maps on the web site. This will help allow the closure of this track so the endangered plant community can regenerate from track damage.

2. Special thanks also to the KMC Bushland Operations team for erecting a sign needed at the remaining illegal mountain bikers access point at Warrimoo Oval pygmy possum habitat. Unfortunately, KMC has now removed this sign and are building an "improved" Mountain Bike Track there instead.

Mammal Pollinators in Ku-ring-gai Powerpoint Presentation

Mammal Pollinators in Ku-ring-gai Handout Notes

Great Success with the WildThings NSW Pygmy Possum Project