Pygmy Possum Project

Population Crash

To see if there has been a more general crash of EPP populations from 2017 to 2018 into the depths of this drought I have taken a snapshot on 20 August 2019 of the EPP sightings recorded in BioNet for the years 2017-2019 for the LGAs and NPs I am licenced to operate in:

Year Ku-ring-gai LGA Hornsby LGA Northen Beaches LGA KCNP Garigal NP Lane Cove NP NSW Whole
2017 34 1 304 18 10 0 442
2018 16 0 68 7 6 0 130
2019 so far 17 2 26 34 0 0 73

As you can see, recorded sightings have dropped dramatically echoing what appears to be an EPP population crash. The EPP population may revive somewhat if this prolonged period of insufficient rainfall breaks by autumn next year, otherwise we may be consider placing EPPs on the endangered list for NSW.

Note also the following:

1. The inceased sightings in KCNP in 2019 largely reflect my increased activity in that national park.For Hornsby LGA, I will extend my camera monitoring to the more northern areas following my negative survey in Lane Cove National Park to improve the sampling there.

2. There does appear to be the danger of a local extinction event in Garigal National Park (joining Lane Cove National Park in this status).