Pygmy Possum Project

Banksia Death

I have observed the premature death of many Banksias and heath-sized Angophoras that EPPs depend upon for nectar and pollen over the past 2018-2019 year in nthe bushland areas I have been surveying. I have recorded the GPS locations of many of these recently dead shrubs. These premature deaths occur:

  • Across all species of Banksia and dwarf Angophoras in the heathy-scrubby environments.
  • Across Banksias of all ages, but being particularly noticeable with the young when surrounded by green suvivors.
  • Not only along tracks but also deep in undisturbed habitat areas, ruling out Phytophthora as a cause.

I have taken many photos and GPS locations to illustrate:

Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park - Ryland Trail area: Angophora crassifolia (ROTAPS species restricted to Terry Hills area) NB another recently dead one clearly visible way over in the middle of the undisturbed Coastal Upland Swamp.

Warrimoo Oval Bushland: Banksia serrata (left), Banksia ericifolia (middle and right)