Pygmy Possum Project

Climate Change and Exacerbating Local Threats

Just as was found with the Great Barrier Reef (GBR), my research has found that Climate Change presents an immediate and existential threat to the Banksia habitats that the Eastern Pygmy Possums (EPPs) depend on. My research has found:

  1. Dramatically increased rainfall variability means that months of rainfall sufficiency are no longer consecutive for the period required by Banksias.
  2. Premature Death of Banksias and Heath-sized Angophoras that EPPs depend upon for nectar and pollen observed.
  3. Shortened flowering seasons for nectar-producing flora such as Banksia erciifolia observed.
  4. Precipitous fall in EPP reproduction rate observed in my EPP nest box climate change monitoring sites.
  5. Increase in camera-monitoring failure rate in previously surveyed EPP-occurrence areas observed in 2019 resurvey may indicate population decline.
  6. Contractiuon in EPP occurrence areas noted with exacerbating threats identified for some areas.
  7. Some positive results found in the 2019 resurvey in comparison to past results may suggest some possible solutions to the decline.

As with the GBR with local threats like nutrient runoff, I found there were a number of major local threats that are exacerbating the damage to EPP populations and their Banksia habitats:

  • Increased area and frequency of Hazard Reduction Burns (HRB).Please see my coming "HRB" page for a full documentation of my research.
  • Rogue Mountain Biking (RMB) enthusiasts who insist on targetting habitats containing threatened species with their destructive trails and removal of native vegetation. Please see my coming "MTB Tracks" page for a full documentation of my reaserch into their damage and the solutions needed.
  • Clearing for Outdoor Recreational/Training facilities.

You can follow the development of these ideas by reading the following presentation and documents before reading the latest on this web site:

Eastern Pygmy Possums, Threatened Species and their Habitats in Ku-ring-gai Area

An Assessment of the Vulnerability of Eastern Pygmy Possums to Climate Change Exacerbated Drought First draft:


An Assessment of the Vulnerability of Eastern Pygmy Possums to Climate Change Exacerbated Drought (updated):