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Please see my pygmy possum project pictures, videos and discussions on my"pygmypossums" Instagram account and the Facebook account: "Eastern Pygmy Possum Program and Recovery Plan for Ku-ring-gai Area" as well as here.

Bad news ! Most of the habitat areas for the Eastern Pygmy Possum (EPP) in eastern Australia were burnt by the ferocious climate change exacerbated wildfires of late 2019-early 2020. We have lost countless EPPs, making extant unburnt areas of northern Sydney valuable refuge habitts for EPPs.

Good news for these unburnt areas ! Due to the good rainfall over the past few months of 2020, we have had an excellent Banksia flowering season with lots of nectar production. My 2020 resurvey to ascertain the recovery status of the Eastern Pygmy Possum following the breaking of the climate change exacerbated drought peaking in 2018 is underway and initial results show that some of the shrinkage in distribution observed in last year's resurvey has been reversed, particularly where combined with fox baiting measures. Still waiting for a measured breeding improvement though anecdotal evidence suggests it is. This is only a temporary respite due to the unpredictable, chaotic occurrence of climate change exacerbated drought and ferocious wildfire condtions increasing due to increased temperature causing lower relative humidities in our bushland exacerbated by other human activities such as MTB trails.

Climate Emergency: If you still have fossil fuel investments, you are endangering life on this planet including your own. I implore you to divest immediately. On 16 June 1996, I ran the first of my 2 community seminar/workshops "Living in the Greenhouse" focussing on living climate change solutions. I will be publishing some of these that we came up with as "Climate Actions".


The New Holland Mouse has recently become locally functionally extinct in the northern Sydney bushland areas and only survives in NSW in areas of the lower North Coast now. This parallels local extinctions noted by Dr Phoebe Burns in Victoria.

  You can see on the left one of my photos of a family of five Eastern Pygmy Possums in one of our nest boxes in 2017. For more information on my continuing work follow the "Pygmy Possums" link on the menu to the right. Some of my other past passions that I still pursue from time to time are shown underneath on the menu.