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Other Celtic Revivals

Cornish never really became extinct due the work of Cornish language enthusiasts in maintaining language continuity in particular the first Grand Bard of the Cornish Gorsedd, Henry Jenner. The Cornish language is thus a survival rather than a revival. Learn the great survivor, the Cornish language, now at:

Learn Cornish Now

This page is devoted to those Celtic languages that ceased to be used but where enough documented sources survived (or sufficient similarity established to another well-documented Celtic language) to enable reconstuction of the language by revival enthusiasts such as we have done with Gallaic:

1. Gaulish - a Celtic language for continental Europe outside of the Iberian peninsula and Breizh:

Australian Steve Hansen's site with complete modernised grammar and full dictionary: Modern Gaulish and List of Modern Gaulish dictionaries.

On Yahoo see: Modern Gaulish

On Facebook see: Modern Gaulish and Gallo-Brittonic Language

2. Cumbric - a Celtic language for northern England:

Cumbrian Neil Whalley's site: Modern Cumbric

See Neil's new Cumbric dictionary and on Facebook see: Cumbraek