Revival da lingua Gallaic Gallaic Revival


Lessons Plan for Grammar and Learning Exercises

Most interest in actively learning Gallaic has come from Brazil, Portugal and Spain especially Galiza, Asturias, León and Catabria, Spain and North Portugal.

Lesson 1 - "Past, Present and Future":

Part A - "Live in the present".

Part B - "Remember the past and learn from it".

Part C - "Look to the future".

When you have completed Lesson 1 you will be able to express yourself in terms of time and space. You need to now use it in conversational dialogs to set up local coversation circles. This is an essential step in the revival - see language learning tip number 3 in this 10-point list of tips for learning another language.

Lesson 2 - "Owning and Comparing".

Lesson 3 - "Questions and Answers".

Lesson 4 - "Numbers".\

Lesson 5 - "Time".

Lesson 6 - "Greetings and Meetings" - includes Gallaic personal name list for naming yourself or your relatives or children.

Lesson 7 - "Common Words and Basic Sentences" - Parts A and B.

Lesson 8 - "Getting Around" - includes Gallaic place name list for bilingual road signs or for your area:

Part A: "Spaces, Places and Movement".

Part B: "Public Transport and Travel".

Part C: "Getting Directions".

Part D: "Features and Facilities".

Lesson 9 -"Eating and Drinking":

Part A: "Meals and Foods".

Part B: "Cooking and Dishes".

Part C: "Drinks".

Lesson 10 - "Shopping and Bargaining":

Lesson 11 - "Accomodation".

Lesson 12 - "Communiucations".

Lesson 13 - "Health".

Lesson 14 - "Banking".

Lesson 15 - "Trade".

Lesson 16 - "Playing and Exploring":

Lesson 17 - "Conversing and Expressing".

Lesson 18 - "Bureaucracy".

Lesson 19 - "Religion and Philosophy" - includes list of Gallaic deities, ancestral, elder wisdom and skill veneration and the ideas associated with them such as burial rituals and rites (incuding the formula for gravestone inscriptions) and ideas and practices from the Celtic Christian tradition as well..

When you have finished this last lesson, you will a basic working proficiency in Gallaic. Use the word lists and dictionaries provided to expand your vocabulary to full fluency. Consider cooperating with other Gallaic speakers to enhance the language.